Courtesy Rules for Strawberry Lake Park

Courtesy Rules for Strawberry Lake Park

1. The Park is private property. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times

2. Keep the gate locked at all times

3. Groups of l0 or more people using the Park should have approval of the Joint Access Committee (JAC). A calendar will be maintained by the Chair of the JAC to avoid conflicts in dates

4. Each homeowner is solely responsible for any damages and for clean-up from their group

5. Commercial use of the Park by individual park members is prohibited

6. No guest parking at the Park on weekends or holidays

7. Two boats maximum per party at the Park


10:00 PM Weekdays (Sunday through Thursday)

I l:00 PM Weekends (Friday and Saturday)

9. Swim at your own risk!

10. No open fires except in the fire pit

11. No glass bottles

12. No unattended animals. No animals in the beach area. Please clean up after your pets. No animals Friday-Sunday

13. Keep the Park clean. Please use trash containers. Large groups: Please take group picnic trash with you

14. No Dumping. Bringing firewood to the Park for bonfires is encouraged. Dumping excess building materials, especially treated lumber, is prohibited

15. No overnight parking, including boat trailers. No parking in the volleyball area

16. No overnight parking, docking or mooring of boats to the north of the boat ramp (on shore or in the water)

17. No unattended docking or mooring of boats within15 feet to the south of the boat ramp. This area is reserved for dock access

18. No docking to the swim raft. Swim buoys are to be unhindered at all times

19. No boating in the swim area

20. A “no wake” zone exists within 100 feet of the swim area and boat dock

21. No winter boat storage. Boats are to be removed by November 15

22. No changes may be made to the Park without the prior consent of both homeowners’ associations

23. Under-age drinking or use of illegal substances is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any suspicious activities should be reported directly to the Hamburg Township Police

Your Joint Access Committee, representing:

Strawberry Point Bluffs and Strawberry Hills Estates

Homeowners Associations