4th of July Parade!

We’re having a 4th of July parade through the neighborhood! It will
start at 10:00 a.m. on July 4th, meeting at the corner of Indianola and
Gallagher, and will be led by Doug Brackman and his antique car! So
please decorate your bikes, strollers, wagons, scooters and anything
else you’d like and participate. We’ll end up at the beach, and the
Access Committee will grill hot dogs and bring the condiments and
soft-drinks. See you there!

Stop Signs on Indianola

The following information was provided by Mary McLaughlin, who followed-up with the Livingston County Road Commission as a result of our neighborhood discussion of excessive speed on Indianola. Email from Mary dated 6/9/2010.

We can’t add the stop signs as part of the road project, but we can put them up at the neighborhood’s cost which would be about $50-60 per sign. That would be four signs total, i.e., two at each of the Indianola/Lisch intersections (one in each direction). So the total would be a little over $200. Perhaps each subdivision can pay 1/2. I’m waiting for the written quote, so tell your respective Board Members and/or Treasurer if you think it’s a good idea and we’ll get it done when they finish the roads.