Pontoon Slip Drawing Results – 2011

The 12 available boat slips were awarded to the following residents:

  1. Mite
  2. Howard
  3. Philips
  4. Gauthier
  5. Anderson
  6. Flynn (2nd alternate, originally awarded to McLaughlin)
  7. Patton
  8. White
  9. Alex
  10. Smith (1st alternate, originally awarded to Allen)
  11. Walmroth
  12. Landis

Alternates for any vacated skips are:

  1. Smith
  2. Flynn
  3. Brockman

To: All eligible homeowners in the Strawberry Hill Estates and Strawberry Point Bluffs subdivisions
From: Joint Access Committee for Strawberry Point Bluffs and Strawberry Hill Estates Homeowners Associations
Date: January 19, 2011
Subject: 2011 pontoon slip lottery

The 2011 drawing for the twelve pontoon slips at the joint access park will be held on Monday, February 7th 2011 at 7:00pm in Room A at the Hamburg Public Library on Merrill Road.

This lottery is conducted pursuant to the rules adopted by the Joint Access Committee, in conjunction with the Boards of Directors of the Strawberry Hills Estates and the Strawberry Point Bluffs Homeowners Associations. Although you need not be present to win, the first choice of boat slips will be chosen by those present (or their proxies) in the order of the draw. The remaining slips will be assigned by Access Committee members to those lottery winners who are not present. If you have questions regarding eligibility and other requirements, review the rules on this web site or contact a member of your Board of Directors.

The Lottery Rules have changed for 2011. Please review the new rules prior to the drawing. You can find the modified rules here:


Pontoon Slip Lottery Rules and Procedure

PONTOON SLIP DRAWING Process – version 2010-05-25

Strawberry Hill Estates and Strawberry Point Bluffs Subdivisions

In February of each year a drawing will be held to assign the 12 pontoon slips at the boat access to eligible residents. The following rules govern the application and selection process.

Drawing Eligibility:

  1. Participants must be a resident of either the Strawberry Point Bluffs Subdivision or Strawberry Hill Estates Subdivisions
  2. Participants must be members in good standing within their homeowners association (no delinquent dues)
  3. As stipulated in the By-Laws of both Associations, residents will be considered eligible if their dues are current ten (10) days prior to the date of the Drawing. The Access Committee representative(s) will request a list of delinquent homeowners from the treasurers of the respective homeowners associations to ensure eligibility at the Drawing
  4. Participants must own a pontoon boat

Drawing Notification:

  1. In January of each year printed notice will be posted on the neighborhood billboard (located on the west side of Indianola, about 250 feet south of Lisch Drive) announcing the Drawing and advising residents to refer to the website for details
  2. At the same time, a notice will be posted on the neighborhood website advising residents of the date, time, location and rules for the lottery drawing www.strawberryhillestates.org and www.strawberrypointbluffs.org

Pontoon Slip Drawing:

  1. Residents who are unable to attend the drawing must submit an application and their donation to the Park Treasurer in advance of the drawing
  2. Residents who attend the drawing must be prepared to pay their donation at the time of the drawing if they are successful ticket holders
  3. The Lottery will be conducted by member(s) of the Joint Access Committee who are not participating in the drawing
  4. Tickets representing the participants’ names will be placed into a bowl and drawn, by a blindfolded volunteer, in succession until the bowl is empty
  5. A numbered list will be compiled with the names of the residents listed in the order of ticket draw

Pontoon Slip Assignments:

  1. The 12 pontoon boat slips will be assigned to the holders of the first 12 tickets drawn from the bowl
  2. Successful ticket holders who attend the meeting will have their choice of boat slip, in order of the ticket draw. First drawn gets first choice, second drawn gets second choice, etc.
  3. Successful ticket holders who do not attend the meeting will have the remaining boat slips assigned to them by the Access Committee representative after the attending ticket holders have made their choices
  4. The Access Committee representative will retain the numbered list of participants in the event a pontoon slip becomes available due to forfeiture. Forfeited slips will be offered to the unsuccessful participants in numeric order, who then become responsible for their donation

Pontoon Slip Forfeiture:

At the close of the Pontoon Slip Lottery Drawing all successful ticket holders must submit their lottery donation to the Access Committee representative. Slips for
which funds are not received will be forfeited, and that slip will be offered to the next participant on the numbered list. A donation in the amount of $250.00 is
strongly recommended

Slip Utilization:

  1. Only pontoons may be moored in these slips
  2. All pontoon boats must be for the primary use and benefit of the homeowner and his or her immediate family. Any non-resident must be accompanied by the a resident of the association when using the access or pontoon boat
  3. There shall be no overnight mooring of any watercraft outside the 12 designated slips. Such watercraft may be removed or impounded at the owner’s expense
  4. The homeowner assumes all risk of storing his or her pontoon boat at the access and the associations shall not be liable for loss or damage of any kind, including property damage or personal injury arising from or in any way related to the storage of the pontoon boat at the access or the use of the pontoon boat
  5. Each homeowner is responsible for providing posts and for making sure that his or her pontoon boat is securely moored at all times while at the access
  6. No docks or other structures of any kind may be constructed or stored at the access without the written permission of both boards

Pontoon Slip Transfers:

  1. Slips are transferable only from the sale of a home; the eligible homeowner transfers that slip to the new homeowner
  2. Slips may not be transferred, sold, or traded directly between homeowners. A homeowner who surrenders a pontoon slip returns control to the Park Access Committee, which will assign the slip to the next eligible Drawing participant

Appeal Process:

All questions concerning qualifications, procedures, alleged irregularities, or any other part of the process or results shall be submitted to a meeting of the joint boards for resolution, whose decision shall be final and binding


The Boards of Directors of the Strawberry Hill Estates I, II, III, and IV Home Owners Association and the Strawberry Point Bluffs Subdivision Homeowners Association reserve the right to change, modify, or amend these rules, in whole or in part, at any time and in their sole discretion. Nothing in these rules is intended or shall be deemed to grant any person any right or vested interest in a pontoon slip.