Boards of Directors & Park Committee Members – 2017-2018

Strawberry Point Bluffs

President: Craig Haitz
Vice President: Jim Dwyer
Treasurer: Frank Nelson
Secretary: Beth Freiberg

Member at large: Laura McGinity
Member at large: Marge Andres

Strawberry Hill Estates

President: David Walmroth
Vice President/Secretary: Corinne Kass
Treasurer: Craig Mestach

Park Joint Access Committee

President: Craig Mestach
Vice President: Marge Andres
Secretary: Sean Kass
Treasurer (and Park Key keeper): Irene Gauthier

Estates representative: Kris Bellinghausen
Estates representative: Scott B.
Bluffs representative: Laura McGinity
Bluffs representative: Craig Haitz

Association Addresses

Strawberry Point Bluffs
PO Box 612
Hamburg, MI 48139-0612

Strawberry Hill Estates
PO Box 833
Hamburg, MI 48139-0833

2018 Annual Bluffs and Estates Homeowners Meeting Notices (Thursday April 26)

Subject:  2018 Annual Homeowners Association Meetings
Date:  Thursday, April 26, 2018
Time:  7:30 pm
Location:  Hamburg Township Senior Center
Agenda: TBD

Both Homeowners Associations (HOAs) will hold their annual meeting in the same location at the same time this year as done in years past. The HOAs will be sharing one room and using a room divider at the Hamburg Senior Center so we can have separate meetings. Afterwards, if necessary, members from both HOAs can discuss topics pertinent to both neighborhoods, such as the park and other common items.

Please plan to either pay your annual dues of $75 prior to or at the annual meeting.  Your attendance at the annual meeting is encouraged since one-third of the Members in “Good Standing” is required for a “voting quorum” to make decisions.  If we do not get a quorum”, we must reschedule the annual meeting which wastes time and additional money for repeat room rental.  Additionally, it takes longer to conduct business this way.  Thank you for your support.