More… Vandalism at the Park

—- Summary from Mary McLaughlin on 5/30 —–

Well, for my own sense of things I summarized the discussion on the beach fire pit and sign (roads in another email!). It is attached. The first few emails I pretty much just put the yes/no/other, and then I started putting in some comments, so if you replied first, your comments might not be all in there. Please note, this was just to get my own head around the discussion, so if you don’t think it’s all there, please feel free to make a summary.

But there was pretty clear consensus from what I read. The general consensus — and I use “consensus,” not vote since this isn’t a vote — from the emails as well as one reply at the website seems to be to:

*Not get rid of the fire pit;
*Get police involved whenever there is disruption down there;
*Post the rules so that kids see them, and we have some visual authority we can point to for kids and cops;
*Don’t say that the park “closes”. (Please note that if we decide otherwise on this, we can always print a couple new signs; they weren’t that expensive.)
*See if all of this helps, and then re-evaluate!

So, yesterday, thanks to Cheryl and Don Houston, Chris Brehm (and me!) we put in the swim line and swim platform. And Gary Phillips hung the new signs. And the Grobs fixed and painted all the picnic tables! (By the way, Cheryl and Don painted the metal legs for another one, but someone took the legs from the beach. Perhaps someone thought they were
garbage since the tops weren’t on, so if anyone sees them out on garbage day, please rescue them and we’ll put the tops and seats on for one more down there.)

Happy Holiday weekend!


—–Original Message—–
From: Mary Eileen McLaughlin
Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 5:52 AM
To: Neighborhood
Subject: Beach – bad news

There was more vandalism at the beach on Monday evening. People burned the top boards for picnic tables that were in the process of being repaired and painted by Tyler Grob and his Dad, Dave. Tyler and Dave had worked hard, had things set up to finish so we would be ready for this weekend, and were coming back Tuesday with their re-charged screw
driver. They found the burned boards.

Evidentially there were some witnesses of some young men down there Monday evening, and the police are investigating.


——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: Beach – bad news
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 09:02:31 -0400

For what it’s worth, I arrived home from work at about 9:30 on Monday evening and there was a large fire in the park with 5 or 6 vehicles parked outside the park. When we went down to check our boat on Tuesday we found that someone had pulled our pull out bed/couch completely out of the bench frame and they left it in a jumbled mess, laid out on the floor in the boat. Nothing else seemed to have been damaged, but it sure is frustrating to know they are boarding the boats and going through the contents. There was also a fire and small crowd (3 – 4 cars) of young adults last night until after midnight.

There was talk after the vandalism last year of posting signs in the park at the entrance and near the fire pit, with usage hours. Possibly with a 10pm or 11pm curfew on weeknights. Has there been any more talk of that this year?


—–Excerpts from neighborhood email exchanges that followed——

I agree that removing the fire pit and posting park hours should be a huge step towards reducing the vandalism at the park.


I 100% agree with taking away the fire pit. This has been dealt with for as long as I can remember and enough is enough.
Mary, thank you for updating all of us on this situation.
Tricia Erskine

I realize that it is necessary to remove the fire pit, however, let us be aware that we are now considering removing an amenity of our beach park in order to control vandalism caused by a few.

I agree with Cheryl. I think we need to consider if there are other options.

Yep, that’s sad. I’m wondering if any of the parents of the kids who were down there on Monday are on this email list and might want to have a chat. I’m happy to keep it confidential if you have plans to control your kids and I can let people know you do. Or if someone knows if the kids weren’t even connected to kids in our neighborhood that would be good to know too.

I am not sure if eliminating the fire pit is the cure for the vandalism, even though I do think it might help. From our vantage point over looking the park, (I have lived here 4 years) by day, there is nothing we enjoy more than watching children and their parents walking down to the park with their fishing poles, or their swim rafts as they head to the beach. Watching the kids play on the slide, the swings or the volleyball court is always a joy too. All this while some of the boats from our neighborhood are put in or come out at our private community launch, the beach and launch we all pay for and take pride in. What a privilege for all of us to have, to share with our neighbors.

I am not sure if many of you know this, but as nightfall’s, the whole use of our park changes on many evenings and not just on the weekends. We see the kids and the families heading home and then we often see carloads of young adults come into our park. The routine is almost always the same, one or two cars show up, usually outside the chain if the chain is up. They carry their coolers, and their cases of beverages down to the picnic area and the fire gets started. Most of the time a car shows up with a gate key and then the cars gather near the fire pit picnic area and the music starts. This happened almost every single Thursday and Friday night last summer, not to mention the weekends and occasional Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night. I live here and I see it, I am not exaggerating. This happened last summer until I counted over 50 vehicles in the park and or parked in front of my house. That Thursday night I had, had enough and I called the police at 1:00am. The police came and tickets for minors in possession were handed out. The night the 50+ party, was the same night that several boats were vandalized including mine. After that evening things were quiet for several weeks and then it started up again slowly.

This spring the groups have been reasonable,(6-10) but they are there in our park after dark, many nights. As the weather has warmed, the numbers have started to increase and low in behold the vandalism has started to increase too.

I wonder, If he fire pit wasn’t there, would they still come? My guess is that they would, where else do they have to go, where they can drink in public? I really don’t mind the small evening gatherings and hearing music coming for the park on occasion. What really bothers me is when, they park out front of my house, urinate in my yard and then go on about their business. It also bothers me and should bother all of you, is when the small gathering gets bored and they start to destroy our park or trespass, or steal from our boats.

I don’t have a suggestion on how to minimize the evening usage or the vandalism, I just wanted to share what I have observed and what I have experienced personally.


My thoughts on removing ‘fire pit’– those that are burning picnic tables or whatever will not be stopped by the lack of a ‘fire pit’–they will burn anyway anyplace.

Not only should the fire pit be removed, we should consider putting a light down there.
We can always dig a fire pit if it is missed that much.
Scott and Denise


This is a good discussion.

I’m writing to suggest forming a Neighborhood Watch group. Perhaps the police can conduct and teach us when to speak to suspicious parties and when to call them, if we should gather information. I will call them to set up a meeting or make such a request, unless Mary you have a preferred person you are working with.

I also suggest people register their cars/licence plates with this Watch group.
My thought is when we see cars down there, jot down license numbers and find out who they belong too. If something happens we can contact neighbors saying something happened while your car was there, did you see anything? Then contacting the police when a crime takes place while an unregistered vehicle was present.

I am not sure removing the fire pit will stop fires. Is removing the picnic tables next? Then they’ll move onto the swing set or the fence. Or the woods.

I just spoke with the Hamburg Fire Dept. who suggested that working with the police, requesting patrols, and assuring a community presence may be helpful. He agreed that removing the fire pit probably won’t make a difference.

We are being bullied and I don’t like it. We need to be dilient and alert and hold those accountable.

Thank you,

I agree with the removal of the fire pit, also. I’m not sure whether posting hours would be beneficial as the culprits don’t seem to be interested in rules. In response to the gentleman whose boast was damaged, it is sad that there is no respect for the property of others. We sold our pontoon boat three years ago due to vandalism at the park. We don’t feel comfortable keeping a boat there anymore.

Estates Annual Homeowners Meeting notice – 2010

Strawberry Hill Estates Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting Announcement

Your attendance at the annual meeting is appreciated. One-third of the Members in good standing are required for a voting quorum.

Subject: Annual Meeting

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time: 7:30-9:00



  • Roll Call of the Membership (President)
  • Minutes of 2009 Meeting (Secretary)
  • Treasurer

Road Improvement Project – Updates

UPDATE: Thursday, June 17, 2010

Email exchange with Jody Tedesco at the County re: completion of the project


Now that the second lift in in place, I’m getting questions from residents about the completion of the work:

Q. Is the second lift “the end?”, or do they apply a sealcoat over the top?
A. The second lift of asphalt is the final course or as we call it the “wearing course”. The driveway crew will be in Monday to pave the driveways that were cut out.

Q. Does the work include adding topsoil and seeding along the road where they tore up my lawn?
A. Once the paving is complete, we will be placing topsoil, seed and mulch along the road edge to blend into the existing lawns.

Q. They knocked down my mailbox. Who fixes that?
A. Give me the address of the mailbox complaint and I will see that it is fixed.

Q. The road (Lisch ) has an uneven ridge down the middle because they laid asphalt over separate days. Do they fix that?
A. There should not be an uneven edge down the middle when the project is complete. There will be a visual line that will fade with time.

Q. The road is now much higher than my driveway and water will pool there (or ice in winter). Do they fix that?
A. We were very careful to pitch driveways so they will drain where they always drained. If you have a specific problem, give me an address as soon as possible and I will take a look at it and fix it on Monday when the driveway crew is in.

Q. Can I start using my sprinklers again?
A. Yep! Let it pour.

Q. Who should I contact with complaints about this, that, or the other thing?
A. That would be me. (Jody Tedesco)

posted 6/17/2010: Larry Gauthier

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apparently the contractor was concerned about the wet pavement this morning and getting too late of a start to complete the paving. Therefore, they are rescheduled for tomorrow morning (Thursday), weather permitting.

The garbage trucks may or may not be able to get through tomorrow.


Jodie Tedesco, P.E.
County Highway Engineer

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looks like they will try to finish the paving tomorrow, weather permitting. Garbage pickup may be a problem. The garbage trucks will be able to go on what was paved today, but may not be able to get through on the roads they are paving tomorrow. The crews will do the best they can but some garbage may not get pick up this week.

News from Monday, June 14, 2010

We are going to try paving again tomorrow. We will be turning the garbage trucks away if they conflicts with the paving. Hopefully that will not be much of an issue.

Take Care
Jodie Tedesco, P.E.
County Highway Engineer

News from 6/11/2010:

The concrete drives are up to strength and the barricades will be pulled today so residents can access their drives.

The paver could be in as early as Monday to place the final lift of asphalt.
Have a nice weekend.

Jodie Tedesco, P.E.
County Highway Engineer

News from 6/10/10:

Hi guys,

The pavers should get the grade covered today. They will be back next week sometime to place the final lift of asphalt. As soon as I have a definitive schedule I will let you know.

I will be out of town until Monday. If you have any serious concerns please contact Mike Craine the Managing Director at our office.


Jodie Tedesco, P.E.
County Highway Engineer

News as of 6/7/10:

Concrete Drives will be poured tonight. We will remove caution tape and barrels blocking off the drives once the concrete has achieved enough strength to drive on, usually about 3 days.

The grading will continue and hopefully you will see more asphalt on Thursday or Friday.


Jodie Tedesco, P.E.
County Highway Engineer

New as of 6/04/10:

The pulverize will begin tomorrow (Saturday 6/5) to pulverize the remaining streets.(Lisch and Indianola – ed)

The contractor will also be pulling the concrete driveway slabs that have been sawed in order to match the new elevation of the road. The new concrete will be poured Monday or Tuesday. Please let the homeowners know that they will have to park their cars out of the driveway for a few days until we achieve the proper strength for driving on.

This schedule is all weather permitting of course.

Jodie Tedesco, P.E.
County Highway Engineer

NEW as of 5/25/10:

The Contractor will be a little scarce until after the Memorial Day Weekend. Per the Contract, they are required to place asphalt within 48 hours of crushing and shaping. They would not have been able to accomplish this had they crushed the remaining streets this week, and we did not want them to leave an unpaved grade over the weekend.

The pulverizers next opening is a week from this Saturday, which will be June 5th (sooner if they have a cancellation on another job).

The Contractor is still on schedule to complete the work within 45 days, per the progress schedule.

Original information from Tom of the Livingston County Road Commission:

As you must have noticed, the paving project has begun in the neighborhood and will proceed according to the following tentative schedule:

Phase 1: PULVERIZING – Early the week of May 17th, Indianola, Strawberry Hill, and Lisch Roads will be crushed-in-place and turned into gravel. This gravel will be used as the roadbed beneath the asphalt surface. Traffic will be able to drive on the pulverized material, but be careful because it will be rough until they get it graded and compacted.

The pulverizer will begin Tuesday (5/19) around 7 a.m. to grind up the pavement on the un-curbed portion of Gallagher, all of Strawberry Hill Ln and Lisch Dr east of Indianola.

Phase II: MILLING – Later in the week of May 17th, the surface of Gallagher will be scraped between the curbs to remove the depth necessary to allow a replacement surface of asphalt to be installed. They will start at the west end of Gallagher and work toward the east.

The mill is scheduled for Thursday (5/21) to remove the pavement between the curbs on Gallagher

Phase III: BASE PAVING – During the week of the 23th the surface layer will be installed on all roads.
Just a reminder that it is critical that all sprinklers that may reach the roadway should remain off until the second lift of asphalt is placed.
There may be some short traffic delays due to equipment in the road. Please give yourselves a little extra time and follow the direction of the traffic control personnel.
December 15, 2009

At its December 15th Board Meetings, the Hamburg Township Board voted unanimously to approve the 3rd resolution related to our Special Assessment District and set the date of February 16th for our Public Hearing.
December 1, 2009

At today’s Hamburg Township Board meeting, the Board unanimously approved a resolution to proceed with developing project plans and cost estimates. That information will be shared with residents at our next Public Hearing, which is scheduled for February 16th, 2010 at 6:00pm at the township hall.
November 30, 2009

Our neighborhooad Road Improvement Project is on the December 1st, 2009 2:30pm Township Board meeting agenda, with a vote scheduled on a Resolution to Proceed with the Project and Directing Preparation of Plans and Cost Estimates.

click here: Hamburg Board Agenda


Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting and express their opinions regarding the project.

October 22, 2009:

Road Update: The Hamburg Township Board met on Tuesday October 20th, and the creation of the Special Assessment District for our road improvement was an agenda item. Several aspects of the project are being clarified for board members and verified with the County over the next week. We expect an informational meeting to be scheduled shortly, with homeowners being notified by mail. We will provide updates here at the website as the situation evolves.

Contact: Mary McLaughlin at 810-299-2222 or George Rogers at 810-231-6378
May 15, 2009

Neighborhood SAD (Special Assessment District) Petition

The collection of signatures approving the establishment of a SAD for re-surfacing neighborhood roads has passed the 50% mark required by Hamburg Township. However, the organizers continue circulating the petition with hope of collecting support from at least 70% of the residents. If you are interested in signing, please contact Mary McClaughlin from SHEHA or George Rogers from SPBHA.

Thanks for your patience, we will be out of your way soon.
Jodie Tedesco, P.E.
County Highway Engineer