Bluffs Annual Meeting Notice – 2009



April 28, 2009

7:00 PM


Roll Call and Reports:

1. Roll call of members present (Sign in sheet)

2. Report of the Secretary – Approval of 2008 minutes

3. Report of the Treasurer

4. Report of the President

Unfinished Business:

1. Update on water quality testing for Strawberry Lake.

2. Legal settlement.

3. Road upgrade status.

New Business and Setting of Dues:

1. At this time, the Board recommends that the dues remain the same for next year. There has been a special assessment of $50 for 2009 to cover unpaid legal costs related to the Gold-Krause lawsuit.

2. Assessment amounts are impacted by our neighbors who have not paid previous year

Board of Directors – 2009/10/11

Strawberry Point Bluffs – 2011/12

President, George Rogers

Vice President, Marcel Vidovoc

Treasurer, Don Houston

Secretary, Darcy Turner

Members-at-large: Tricia Erskine

Strawberry Hill Estates – 2011/12

President, David Walmroth

Vice President, Mary McLaughlin

Treasurer, Craig Mestach

Secretary, Mary McLaughlin

The Park, Joint Access Committee

Bluffs representative, Don Houston

Estates representative, Mary McCaughlin

Treasurer, Dave Buckland

Member-at-large, Cheryl Houston

By-Laws lawsuit ends in out-of-court settlement

The attached summaries describe the results of litigation brought by the Strawberry Point Bluffs and Strawberry Hill Estates Associations against Gold Krause and a group of individual property owners.

The first summary was written from a legal perspective and was prepared by James Roach, the attorney who represented the Associations in the litigation. Copies of this letter were mailed to members of both Associations.

The second summary was written from a non-legal perspective. This short slide presentation was prepared for the 2009 Annual Homeowners Meetings.

UPDATE – December 28, 2010: Two consent judgments were filed with the courts on this date. These documents are the official summary and legal rulings of the lawsuit.

Consent Judgement re Lots 95-114 Strawberry Point Bluffs.pdf

First Amended Consent Judgement re Lot 116 Strawberry Point Bluffs.pdf

UPDATE: In October 2009, residents noticed new listings for the remaining Gold Krause properties, and raised questions about the legitimacy of the claims made in those ads. ( ) Here is a summary provided by the Association attorney, James Roach:


Sorry for the delay. The advertisement is partially in error. Gold
Krause now has eleven lots left, since we now own 95 and 114. Seven
lots have to be sold within the subs. Four may be sold outside the
subs. Those outside owners will have the same rights to the Park Lots
as folks who live within the subs. Those purchasers are not: (1)
eligible to join SPBSHA; (2) eligible for the pontoon lottery; (3)
required to pay dues; or (5) not liable for any SPBSHA special

Just to clarify, those lots were and are part of the platted Strawberry
Point Bluffs subdivision. This is different from being part of the
Strawberry Point Bluffs’ association.

Gold Krause, both directly or through its real estate agents, is also
required to include limitations in the deeds arising from its sales.

Finally, the settlement/consent judgment has been finalized. I still
need to fix a couple of recording errors on the easements that the
associations granted. The consent judgment may be posted on the
association website.

I’ll let Gold Krause’s attorney as to the error in the advertisement.
The real estate broker can advertise lots, and regardless of the
inaccuracy of its advertisements, Gold Krause is required to abide by
the terms of the Consent Judgment.



Easter Egg Hunt and Meet the Bunny

Group photo with the Easter Bunny

The signs are up, but just to confirm, the Easter Bunny will be visiting
our beach on Saturday April 11. We’re trying to get all the kids down
there by about 4:00, we’ll let them do an egg hunt for little plastic
eggs stuffed with goodies, and then the Easter Bunny will come around 4:30.

I’ll bring coffee for the adults, and some pop and water for the kids.
We’ll also have some cheese, crackers and something sweet for the adults.

Please feel free to bring your kids — young and old, since the older
ones can help the little ones — and grandkids, nieces, nephews, to
enjoy the fun!

Thanks —


Mary Eileen McLaughlin

Neighborhood: Items For Sale

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