One thought on “Correction – 2022 SHEHA Annual HOA meeting

  1. On this lovely spring day (3/17) we are feeling a sense of dread because the season of burning leaves in our pocket of the neighborhood will soon begin. The process of smoldering piles of leaves
    being burned (often wet) will fill our homes with the smell of smoke and the air outside filled with toxic clouds of smoke that can go on for days at a time and on and off for weeks while neighbors burn their leaves. Often times, we can barely see the neighboring houses due to the smoke and we dont feel safe or comfortable being outside in our yard. smoke from leaves is toxic and can have serious effects on people with lung issues (eg asthma), the young children in our neighborhood and those with other health concerns.
    We are asking our community to come together to together to figure how to manage all of the leaves we get in the spring and fall.

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