Shoreline Erosion Mitigation Proposal to be Reviewed at Sept 23 JAC Meeting

This Shoreline Erosion Mitigation Proposal will be reviewed at the upcoming Sept 23 JAC meeting at the Park from 10am-11am after we elect new officers.

We have lost a significant amount of shoreline again this year due to ice, flooding, pontoon slip usage, wave action, and lack of adequate root system protection.  We will discuss the approach, cost, and timeline of the project and make a determination if we will move forward with this natural shoreline restoration project.  If we decide to move forward with the project, we will draft the appropriate MDEQ project paperwork, submit to both Association Boards for approval and signature, then submit to MDEQ for approval.  MDEQ approval could take 60-90 days from the submission date.   If you are interested in participating in maintenance of the Park or joining the JAC, please attend this important meeting.

JAC Meeting Scheduled for 10am Sunday Sept 23

We will be having a JAC (Joint Access Committee) meeting at the park on Sunday Sept 23 from 10:00-11:00am.  The current agenda for the meeting is to elect new officers for the committee and discuss park maintenance, including the shoreline erosion project status.  For those that will not be in town and would like to attend the meeting remotely via phone, we will try to arrange an audio conference to call into.  If you would like to call into the audio conference line for the meeting, please RSVP by 6pm Friday Sept 21 by emailing “” with a short note letting us know you are interested in the audio conference line option and we will email you details.