Potluck at the Park – Sunday June 23rd @ 2pm

The JAC has organized an official “Welcome Picnic” for our neighborhood to welcome the newest neighbors to the neighborhood! The event will be held at our park on Sunday June 23rd @ 2pm. This event will double as the “Summer Kick Off” picnic that was rained out last month.

  • Bring your favorite dish to pass
  • Family Fun Day Games
  • 50/50 Raffle – $1 per ticket, all proceeds support our park

Food! Friends! Fun! See you there!

Notice – Nextdoor Scam

Estates and Bluffs Neighbors,
Last week you may have received a letter that looked like it was written and sent by George Rogers on Gallagher, suggesting that you enroll  in a “private – just for our neighbors” on-line network. The company that sent you this material is a for-profit nationwide marketing outfit that will collect and sell your contact information. Your inbox will begin receiving unsolicited sales material. In short – this is a scam.
George Rogers did not write nor send this letter. It was postmarked from Wyoming. The website it promotes is neither “private” nor “just-for-us.”

Strawberry Point Bluffs – Voting on Dues Change Notice

Important Notice from your HOA board – We need your vote on a dues change

As we discussed at our annual HOA membership meeting in April to be able to properly fund our homeowners association we need an increase in our annual dues. With the two insurance policies we pay for each year (liability for the park and directors liability) and a few other annual fees we incur we use up about 80% of our annual dues without even contributing anything to our park property or spending anything to benefit our neighborhood. Assets at the park need annual maintenance and we need to be able to replace items when needed. We also need to be able to pay for legal fees when needed to uphold and defend our HOA building and use rules.

Back in 1973 the developer had set the dues at $30 per year. Based on inflation $30 in 1973 would equal over $170 in 2019 dollars based on inflation.

Your HOA board is asking for your vote to increase our dues to $125 per year effective with our dues payable next year. With our dues at $125 per year we would have proper funding each year to be able to run our HOA. Just like our own individual households the association needs proper funds to be able to pay its bills and be able to operate. As you know board member positions are volunteer. We need volunteers for our board each year to help run our association, and our board needs to have adequate funding to run the association.

You can download an absentee ballot here. We ask for everyone׳s participation in this very important vote.

We have a special meeting scheduled for July 16, 2019 at the Hamburg Township Senior Center at 7:30pm. Meeting attendance is not required for you to be able to vote. The meeting will be available for questions and discussion concerning this change in dues.

Thank you for your support

Your HOA Board members,
Marge Anders (313) 402-6240 margeandres@aol.com
Jim Dwyer (586) 899-4195 jimmarydwyer90@charter.net
Beth Freiberg (810) 923-1389  mbethf@gmail.com
John Greko  (717) 254-9170 john.greko@gmail.com
Craig Haitz (313) 909-9055 c.a.haitz@gmail.com
Frank Nelson (248) 767-3389 franklyours582003@yahoo.com

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Informational Meeting on the Chain of Lakes Improvement Project, June 17, 7-9 PM, Hamburg Township Hall

Attached is information on a meeting to be held at Hamburg Township Hall, June 17, 7-9 PM.  This will be your chance to meet the new lake scientist and the Water Resources team from Washtenaw County.  There will be time for questions.
HRCOL 06172019 Meeting Notice

Also attached is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the project.
Huron River Chain of Lakes Plant

Be sure to check the Washtenaw County website for other updates.Control FAQ 2019 06 06(http://www.washtenaw.org/huronCOL)

Notice: Strawberry Lake Treated for Weed Control Today – June 4th, 2019

The Washtenaw County Public Works Division has been requested by lake communities in northern Washtenaw and southern Livingston Counties to undertake a lake management program to control invasive weeds.

Strawberry Lake was treated today (June 4th 2019).

  • NO swimming for 24hrs
  • NO irrigation for 3 days.

This project will provide improvements to the Chain of Lakes by controlling invasive and nuisance weeds through the application of herbicides to the water and mechanical weed harvesting.

Full details can be found at: https://www.washtenaw.org/799/Chain-of-Lakes-Weed-Control-Activities

The Aquatic Services treatment calendar can be found at: https://www.aquaticservicesinc.info/schedules