Frequently Asked Questions

When is the annual homeowners meeting? The By-Laws for both Associations specify that the annual homeowners meetings be held in April.

Who are the Board members? See “Postings by Category” to the right and select “Board of Directors”.

Can I nominate myself for the Board? Yes. The Boards are always anxious for people to volunteer as Board members or in other roles within the Associations.

I just moved into the neighborhood. How do I get a key to the Park?
I lost my key to the Park. How do I get a replacement?
Replacement keys can be obtained from the Treasurer of the Joint Access Committee, listed under Topics ->Board of Directors , or send email to or
I found a key to the Park. What should I do with it? The keys are numbered and the Access Committee tracks which key belongs to which household. Return the key to an Access Committee member and the key will be delivered to its rightful owner.

I want to have a party down at the Park. What do I need to do? Information for reserving the Park for special parties can be found under Topics ->Park and Joint Access ->Courtesy Rules for Strawberry Lake Park. Contact the representative to the Joint Access Committee from your Association, listed under Topics ->Board of Directors , or fill out the Park Reservation Form.

How many homes are in the Associations? A total of 131 homes in both Associations. There are 75 in the Bluffs association – 40 lake-side (Gallagher, odd numbered addresses) and 35 off-lake (34 Gallagher (even-numbered addresses) and 1 home at 10505 Indianola) . There are 56 in the Estates: 10 on Strawberry Hill Lane, 25 on Indianola, and 21 on Lisch (25 in Estates#1, 16 in Estates#3, and 15 in Estates#4).

Does the Association have a contract with a specific rubbish removal service? Back in 2001 the two Associations reviewed available trash companies and selected Monroe’s Rubbish Removal as the “preferred” vendor for three reasons: want to limit heavy truck traffic in the neighborhood by having only one service; Monroe’s offers a “neighborhood discount” for Bluffs and Estates residents; Monroe’s offered to collect the trash from the Park for free if we had a majority of homes sign up for their service. NOTE: As of 2015 Monroe’s is now “Advanced Rubbish Removal” and it continues to remove  the rubbish from the Park.

I want to change the physical appearance of my house [paint, siding, shingles, shutters, doors]. Do I need to get approval from anybody? Probably not. The Building and Use Restrictions generally do not govern cosmetic changes made to an existing home.

I want to make changes to my property [put up a fence, build a shed, add a deck]. Do the Building and Use restrictions allow these additions? There are 4 sets of Building and Use Restrictions (the Bluffs, plus Estates I, III, and IV, plus subsequent amendments regarding outbuildings for the Estates associations) that govern these issues, with subtle differences between them. You should refer to the document that applies to your area for the answer to this question.

Who do I call to complain about my neighbor’s: dog, cat, kid, music, leaf fire, car, boat, trailer, mother-in-law? Complain to your neighbor. The Association should not be considered as a governing body for resolving disputes between neighbors. There are also municipal laws for resolving some of these complaints – visit the township or county offices for guidance. You should appeal to the Association Board only for egregious violations of Association By-Laws or Building and Use Restrictions that are not addressed by municipal law.

I don’t want to get involved and actually do any work myself, but I don’t like the job that the current volunteers are doing. What can be done about this? Not much. This place is run by the people who show up and volunteer, not by people who do neither yet complain.

What are the mailing addresses for the Associations?

Strawberry Point Bluffs
PO Box 612
Hamburg, MI 48139-0612

Strawberry Hill Estates
PO Box 833
Hamburg, MI 48139-0833

If you have a question that you’d like added to the FAQ, use the Website Feedback Form. Include the answer if you know it.