Easter Bunny at the Beach – 3/26/2016

We’ll have the Easter bunny at the beach on Saturday 3/26.
An Easter egg hunt will begin promptly at 10:00AM, and afterward our bunny will show up and hand out some treats for the little kids.
The little kids love finding eggs at the Park and then carrying their stash from the bunny.  And the older kids love helping the little ones.
Hope to see you on Saturday!
The Access Committee

Bluffs Annual Homeowners Meeting – 2016

Strawberry Point Bluffs Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting Announcement

Your attendance at the annual meeting is appreciated. The Bluffs need 25 homeowners to have a quorum.

Subject: Bluffs Annual Meeting
Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Hamburg Township Senior Center

Agenda: TBD

The SPBHOA Annual Meeting for 2016 will be held at the same location, date and time as Strawberry Hill Estates this year.  The Bluffs will be sharing the room, using a room divider at the Hamburg Senior Center.  Then, both HOAs can discuss topics pertinent to both neighborhoods, such as the Access and other concerns, if we are so inclined.  The Bluffs need 25 homeowners to have a quorum.  Dues need to be paid before the meeting, to be a member in good standing.  $50/year.

Study of Invasive Vegetation on Strawberry Lake – 2015

In 2014 the homeowners associations of Portage, Base and Whitewood Lakes commissioned a study of invasive aquatic vegetation on the Chain of Lakes. The completed study can be read online here: http://www.pbwoa.org/2015-weed-report/ or downloaded as a PDF version from our neighborhood website here: http://www.strawberryhillestates.org/?wpfb_dl=130 .

The report includes specific findings and recommendations regarding invasive species in Strawberry Lake.

Of particular concern is the fact that encroachment by these invasive species in Strawberry Lake has progressed beyond a point where mechanical harvesting (raking) can be effective. Associations are advised to use chemical treatments to reduce the vegetation levels, after which mechanical harvesting can be employed for vegetation control. (see page 98)