Strawberry Lake Weed Control Program

The first weed control application in 2024 for Strawberry Lake will take place on
Monday, June 3rd. Aqua-Weed Control, Inc. will be posting notices on May 31st, 2024.

With the mild winter and less ice and snow covering the lake this past winter the weeds have had a faster start on their growth than last spring. As the Township website indicates, the Township hired Progressive AE Water Resources Group to manage the weed control program, and they are out on the water to survey the entire lake to monitor the lake condition and survey the lake before each application. Expect it to take up to about 2 weeks to see a significant change in the lake after the application/treatment date.

Hamburg Township posts information and updates on the “Aquatic Weed Control S.A.D.” that started in 2023 on the township website. The direct link to this information is:
You can easily sign up for updates using the “Sign up for notifications” link on the bottom of the home page on the township website.

There is also a new updated Hamburg Township Fertilizer Ordinance that became effective March 29, 2024. You can find a link to this new ordinance on the Aquatic Weed Control information page linked above.