Strawberry Point Bluffs HOA Updates

Bluffs lawsuit update

The Bluffs lawsuit that started last fall concerning an unapproved garage structure that was under construction was decided by the Court last month in favor of the HOA. That structure will not be built, the construction materials will be removed or permanently covered, and no building will occur without first getting approval from the HOA.  Your HOA board filed the lawsuit to uphold our building and use restrictions. Per our building and use restrictions any building (home, garage, shed) must be approved by the HOA board in addition to getting any required permits or approvals from the township and county before construction starts. 

Bluffs HOA dues update

The option to pay dues early and save offered earlier this year was a big success. Thanks to all of you that took advantage of this! It brought in the needed funds to be able to take care of our financial obligations. With the early payment option now over please know we will send out a dues payment notice by early March (as we usually do) to the homeowners that didn’t choose to pay early. Also, a reminder for any homeowner that plans to be gone the month of March that you can always mail in your dues payment without an invoice to our PO Box 612, Hamburg MI 48139.