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  1. Passing along a reference for a good job and good value on asphalt driveway sealer services. I sealed my own drive 2 yrs ago with the premium brand of sealer and crack filler from Lowes and it wasn’t worth the time or money that this company did the job for. It cost me about the same to have someone else do it as I spent on materials alone, and it appears that the products this company uses are superior to what you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. For example, the crack filler from Lowes doesn’t stand up as well at the hot liquid rubber this company uses for crack filling. Since it’s hot rubber crack filler, they can fill the cracks and seal the surface in the same day, as the rubber hardens in about 10 minutes in cooler weather. The crack filler from Lowes and Home Depot takes days to dry and it is not as durable as hot liquid rubber. All of the cracks I filled with the Lowes liquid crack filler was deteriorated in about 1 year.

    Contact Nick at Advanced Sealcoat, Inc. at 810-227-4090 for a quote. DISCLAIMER: I am not guaranteeing the quality of the products or services provided by this service provider. I am only sharing my own experience with them. You should assess their ability to deliver the services they promote with independent research on your own.

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