Notice: Large coyote spotted in backyard

A large coyote was just spotted in the backyard of a neighbors property that  adjoins the strawberry nature preserve. The animal came into the well lit yard as the resident went out to bring in their dog.

Please be advised and keep your pets safe.

6 thoughts on “Notice: Large coyote spotted in backyard

  1. I lost my ring down at the park on Saturday, May 8th. If anyone happens to find it, please call me at 734-395-1572. Thanks, Sue

  2. Would like to know which piece of land is the Strawberry Nature preserve? The park, or the lot on Strawberry Hill, or the lot near the river? Coyotes are open year around and you don’t need a license for it.

  3. I’m wondering if this was our dog/property (4877 Gallagher)? Would love to know who saw this so I could get more detail.

  4. Yikes! Is the nature preserve at the river end of Gallagher? The land at the entry of our neighborhoods? Or that patch of land across from the beach?

    Thanks for clarifying! Happy New Year
    – Maggie ODell

  5. I have had the same experience. After calling the police to come and shoot the coyote, the officer informed me that I could shoot it myself as long as I could shoot it safely without endangering anyone.

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