Oak Wilt Disease, and Hammock Theft on Gallagher

This comment from Anne Swanson was hidden on the website under “Lost & Found.” Please note her information on Oak Wilt Disease. If you want to see a frightening example of how the disease spreads from one infected oak to another, look at the trees at the corner of Gallagher and Strawberry Hill Lane. Started with one infected tree, one month later there were two, now there are three.


Be warned! Our hammock was stolen from the yard recently. Theft and trespassing continues!

Contact me if you want free tree saplings of various sizes and species. You dig. Fall is a good time to plant. Cercis canadensis(Redbud)and Tilia americana (Basswood)are available and recommended highly for our area. Other stuff is available too.

The following oak wilt disease(fungal)information is from Gretchen Voyle, specialist with MSU extension and Lynn M. Steiner’s book “Landscaping with Native Plants of Michigan.” Red oaks can die in about 3 weeks. White oaks take 2-3 years. By the time we see symptoms it’s too late. It’s spread by root grafts. 80% of the roots are in 18-20″ of soil. The roots go 2-3 times farther out than the longest branch spread so if one side branch is 25′ than major roots are at least 50-75′ out. A circle of 100′ or more has roots. Insects infect trees by entering wounds caused by pruning or by root damage during construction. Don’t prune oaks while insects are most active, from April 1 to July 1. Oak wilt is mainly a problem with native stands. Trenching is not a scientific deal and causes root damage—it won’t really help. Injection must be used yearly and only prevents but won’t cure. Use a certified arborist for injections. Lets hope many trees are spared!

Anne Swanson
September 11, 2014