Join the Strawberry Point Bluffs HOA Board: Shape Our Community’s Future

Dear Strawberry Point Bluffs HOA Members,

We’re excited to announce that the Strawberry Point Bluffs Homeowners Association’s annual meeting is set for April 16, 2024, at the Hamburg Senior Center. This year, we’re looking to fill three of our six board positions, including two lake side roles and one non-lake side role. Notably, at least one lake side position will become available as a current member has decided not to seek re-election. This presents a unique opportunity for members who haven’t previously served, or those who haven’t been on the board in a while, to step forward and play an integral role in our community. Serving on the board is an excellent way to connect with neighbors and contribute positively to our neighborhood. If you’re interested in making a difference and want to learn more about running for a board position, please reach out to us at or contact any of our current board members directly. We greatly value your involvement and look forward to potentially welcoming new members to our team!

Strawberry Point Bluffs Annual Cornhole Tournament & Chili Cookoff

Strawberry Point Bluffs Annual Cornhole Tournament & Chili Cookoff

at “The Park” – 5333 Gallagher Blvd.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

10:30am Cornhole 

3:00pm Chili Contest

Calling all cornhole & chili enthusiasts, amateurs, and sideline spectators!


Swing by the park on Saturday, 9/16 at 10:30 am to register for our annual Cornhole Tournament, see rules below. All ages and skill levels welcome!

Stick around afterwards for a double-header Chili cookoff for some oh-so savory, spicy, and sweet chili dishes. Bring your dish and enter for a chance to win the coveted “Golden Ladle” trophy. Sample the selection and vote on your favorite. More details are below.

Cornhole Tournament

  1. Arrive at 10:30 for registration and team drawing, first bags fly by 11am

  1. The entry fee is $20 per person, half of the entry fee goes to the park and the other half will go to the winning team.

  1. Each participant will be asked to self-rank their skill level at either a 1, 2, or 3.

1 = very consistent player who expects to get more than one bag in the hole each round,
2 = consistent player who can typically land the bags on the board with the occasional bag in the hole,
3 = casual player with inconsistent results

  1. The tournament will be a double elimination with a loser’s bracket format where each team is guaranteed two games. Winner of the loser’s bracket plays in championship.

  1. Teams will be randomly drawn pairing 1s with 3s first then 2s with whoever is left.

  1. First to 21, win by 2, CAN go over.

Chili Cookoff

Please bring your chili in a covered Crockpot or kettle.

Bowls, spoons, napkins and sampling bowls provided.  Bring any extras such as corn muffins and/or chili toppings to enhance your recipe!

Community Farewell – William Zaharee

Our neighbor, Bill Zaharee, passed away on January 9th. He lived on the Lisch loop, 2nd house west of Indianola and was a great guy to anybody whom had the pleasure of sharing his acquaintance.

His Farewell… Bill’s family and friends will gather on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from 10:00AM until the time of his Community Farewell at 11:00AM at Dexter United Methodist Church. Luncheon will follow the service. Memorial contributions are suggested to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Please leave a message of comfort for Bill’s family at 1-877-231-7900, or sign his guestbook at

More information can be found at:

SPBHA Dues Increase Results

Bluffs Homeowners – Thank you for voting
the proposal to change the annual dues has passed!

After the meeting on Tuesday July 16 we had 42 yes votes and 3 no votes. We continued to accept votes after Tuesday and now have 51 yes votes, a full 2/3 of our HOA members. The board planned to accept ballots through the end of July, as voting was not “closed” as of our Tuesday evening meeting date.

The new dues amount of $125 is effective with next year’s dues payment March 2020. Homeowners who want to take advantage of a dues price of $105 and prepay up to 3 years of dues can make out your check to SPBHOA and mail it to our PO Box 612 Hamburg, MI 48139. We plan to mail a letter out by the first week of August to make sure all HOA members are notified about this prepay option.

Thank you for your support
Your HOA Board members,

Marge Andres
(313) 402-6240

Jim Dwyer
(586) 899-4195

Beth Freiberg
(810) 923-1389

John Greko
(717) 254-9170

Craig Haitz
(313) 909-9055

Frank Nelson
(248) 767-3389


Easter Egg hunt was a Success!

The 2019 Easter egg hunt was a great success despite the bad weather, all the kids (and adults) still had a blast! We had a great turnout and had just enough time to get the hunt underway and finished up before the rain came down. A big thank you Corinne Kass for heading up this event again this year, we all appreciate your dedication to making the community a great place to live!

Hamburg Twp Zoning Board meeting 2017-11-08: variance request for 5313 Gallagher Blvd

Distributed per request of Craig Haitz, Strawberry Point Bluffs HOA president
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2017, 7:00 P.M.
PLEASE TAKE  NOTICE  that  the  Hamburg Township Zoning  Board of Appeals will meet to consider the following:
1.  ZBA 2017-021
Owner: Dennis J Pennington Living Trust
Location: 5313 Gallagher Boulevard
Parcel:  15-27-301-201
Request:  Variance application to permit the construction of a 24-foot by 35-foot detached accessory structure with an eight-foot setback from the boundary or edge of a regulated wetland (50-foot setback from the boundary or edge of any regulated wetland required, Section 9.9.3.B.).
The variance requests are available for review at the Township offices during regular business hours. Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm    Comments will  be heard from the public at the hearing. Written comments will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. the day of the hearing.
Sign language interpreter, or other assistance, available upon 72 hour notice to the Township Clerk.
Michael Dolan Hamburg Township Clerk
10405 Merrill Road, P 0. Box 157
Hamburg, Michigan 48139
(810) 231-1000

Strawberry Lake – Aquatic Pesticide Treatment Notice, July 2017


This notice is to inform you that the Washtenaw County Board of Public Works (Chain of Lakes Lake Improvement Project) has contracted with Aquatic Services, Inc. for aquatic management services. We are planning to treat various area waters with herbicides and/or algaecides for the control of aquatic nuisance plants and/or algae.

Please be aware that only pesticides that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, Michigan Department of Agriculture and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) are being used. These pesticides are being applied in dosages approved by the MDEQ and as applied are not harmful to fish, wildlife or pets. A permit from the MDEQ will have been secured prior to any pesticide applications.

Please watch the shoreline for the posting of YELLOW signs, which will indicate the day of treatment, exact pesticides used and any water use restrictions depending on the pesticides used. In the event of an additional pesticide application, a second sign will be posted outlining new water use restrictions.
Pesticides are applied as either liquid or granular formulations. Liquids are surface sprayed or sub-surface injected depending on treatment strategies and/or weather conditions. Granular formulations are applied with broadcast spreaders.

♦ = Anticipated pesticide use for 2017.

♦ Copper Products No swimming or bathing for 1 day.
♦ Endothall No swimming or bathing for 1 day. No household uses, irrigation, animal watering or similar uses for 14 days.
2, 4-D No swimming or bathing for 1 day. No household uses, irrigation, animal watering or similar uses for 3 weeks.
Fluridone No swimming or bathing for 1 day. Do not use this water for irrigating lawns, gardens, plants, row crops or tree crops for 30 days.
♦ Dibromide No swimming or bathing for 1 day. No household uses, irrigation animal watering or similar uses for 5 days. No turf grass watering for 3 days.
Glyphosate No swimming or bathing for 1 day.
♦ Adjuvant No restrictions.
♦ Triclopyr No swimming or bathing for 1 day. No irrigation for 3 weeks.
♦ Clipper No swimming or bathing for 1 day. No irrigation, animal watering, turf grass watering for 5 days.

Initial approximate treatment date will be early/mid-July.

If you have any questions regarding the pesticide treatment you can contact Aquatic Services, Inc. at 810-636-3303 or Washtenaw County Board of Public Works (Chain of Lakes) contact persons Doug Pullman (Aquest Corp.), 810-237-8893 or Jeff Krcmarik (Washtenaw County), 734-222-6865 or Jonathan Pelukas, 734-222-3827.


Notice of all pesticide applications shall be posted prior to each application. Notices shall be posted along the shoreline with 8 1/2 x 11 inch YELLOW posters. They shall indicate the day of treatment, permit number, contact information, exact pesticides used and the water use restrictions (swimming, irrigation and fishing) depending on the pesticides used. In the event of additional pesticide applications, additional notices shall be posted outlining new water use restrictions.
Some postings may be done in advance. How many days in advance will vary between lakes. There is an ADVANCED POSTING box on the poster that will be checked in the event of an advanced posting. If the box is not checked, the application will be made on the same day as the posting. Posters will be attached to trees, posts, decks, docks and other vertical objects along the immediate shoreline. However, riparian property owners who choose not to have the posters affixed to their personal property may have alternative postings. Within 30 feet of the immediate shoreline, you may supply your own bright YELLOW painted supporting device (stake) at least 30 inches tall and the posters will be stapled to that device. Go to the SCHEDULES page to find out when the pesticide applications are to be made.
Note: The 2018 application season will be done using Aquatic Services only. Since this year was a transition year, various options had to be explored including harvesting and the use of existing service providers using previously established contracts.