Recently, and in the past, there have been various types of scams reported in the neighborhood including:

  • email phishing scams (click here to learn how to avoid phishing scams)
  • email campaigns requesting money, lottery tickets, personal information, etc.
  • postal mail campaigns requesting things like signing up for a new subdivision website, donation of money, etc.
  • use of Association Board member names or email addresses to request lottery tickets, money, or pay overdue association dues or other bills charged by Association Board members.

Beware of anyone or any request that is soliciting personal information or money or asking for you to meet them somewhere.  Ask yourself if there is anything strange about the request.  Be aware that people can call your phone and display different phone numbers on caller id, or email you from email addresses that appear to be from someone you know by using a different domain or creating a very similar email address that has been slightly modified with a different spelling that may not catch your eye.  All scams usually use a “sense of urgency” and request you to take advantage of a time sensitive deal that ends soon or to help someone that has a time sensitive problem or issue to resolve.  In the event that you determine someone is impersonating someone you know, contact that person being impersonated directly and let them know this is happening so they can take action.  Additionally, contact your local police with any evidence that you can obtain, like emails, postal mail, phone numbers, etc.  Don’t be the next target of the next scam.

Additional resources to learn how to stay secure online: