New Keys for the Beach

After almost 20 years with the same access key, we have discovered that lots of people have keys who no longer live in the neighborhood. Accordingly, the Boards and Access Committee have moved to replace the key with a new, “do not duplicate” key blank. Your old key will work in the lock until Saturday, May 1st, after which time you will need the new key to get access to the Park.

Who qualifies for keys to the park? You must be a “member in good standing” in your association (no delinquent dues or assessments).

Is there a fee for the replacement keys? Yes. A replacement key costs $12.00. This price covers the cost of the locksmith’s fees for the new lock and key manufacture.

Where can I get a new key? New keys will be distributed at the Annual Homeowners Meetings and at the Park Annual Clean-up on Sunday May 2nd, 2010. After that you should call Dave Buckland to arrange for a key.