We were astounded by the number of respondents.  It is evident the community is ready for a heightened park experience!

Each of us has a vested interest in the park and this is the first step to much needed improvements of the joint access.  Here are some of the results:

Of the 14 assets or groups of assets surveyed, the top five priorities are:

  1. Wood Seawall
  2. Swimming (Raft, Buoys, Rope)
  3. Boat Launch (Ramp, Dock)
  4. Pontoon Slip Area
  5. Porta Potty (Potty, Fence)

The five assets with the most “poor” ratings are:

  1. Wood Seawall
  2. Sporting (Basketball, Volleyball)
  3. Pontoon Slip Area
  4. Porta Potty (Potty, Fence)
  5. Boat Launch (Ramp, Dock)

The most alarming but not unexpected – Over a third of all the joint access assets are in poor condition!

During our second step, community representatives met with the MDEQ to understand what can and cannot be done to our wetland park area.  We now have a good understanding!

Now the we have gathered the opinions of the community, developed a priority list, and met with the MDEQ, we are moving to the third step, which is to plan and gather budgets.

In our fourth step, we will need to gather the necessary funding.  Please be prepared for community representatives to discuss our plans in the very near future.

Thank you all and please let us know if you too would like to assist in the improvement process.