Fall 2010 Beach Cleanup – October 17, 12 noon

We still need a few strong volunteers, one with a pontoon boat, to take
out the swim raft and dock on Sunday October 17th at noon. An email
went out, and we got *one* volunteer, and he has a sprained foot! If
you used the beach or your kids did, why not volunteer to help. (If you
need a different day, let me know.) It will take about an hour. This
is what we do:

Take the pontoon boat out to the raft, unhook the raft, attach floats to
the chain and leave it in the water, put the marker buoys on top of the
raft, float the raft and marker buoys near shore, and then several
people carry the it off to the side. We just leave the marker buoys on
the raft. The boat ramp dock has wheels, and it’s is a bit easier task
to remove.

One additional thing we need to do is cut the chains shorter for the
swim raft. The reason it can be flipped is that the chains are too
long. I measured how long they should be, and we need to chop off the
excess so nobody gets killed with the flipping stupidity next year. I
have bolt cutters, but will need someone stronger to do it.

Please confirm with Mary McLaughlin via email or phone that you can
help! memc@ieee.org or 734-646-5363.