Park Gate/Fence Replacement Project

Saturday, August 26, 2023

10:00am – until completed

We need volunteers to help in this endeavor. A powered stand on, tracked Post Hole Digger has been rented. Both associations, along with the JAC, are removing and replacing the front gate and fencing structures along the paved parking lot. Please take pride in your neighborhood and come help. The project is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, 2023.

Please bring shovels, battery operated circular saws and screw guns, garden rakes, gloves, etc. John and Nancy Greko will be providing the volunteers with hot dogs and bottled water. If you have any questions, please contact John Greko at:

JAC meeting Monday, June 19

There will be a JAC meeting Monday, June 19, at my house, 5206 Gallagher starting at 6:30pm with a two hour time limit. The meeting will be held in the backyard (weather permitting). I will post the meeting on the website if anyone else is interested in helping or becoming involved.

Be prepared to discuss:

Sea wall, park reservations, boat ramp, dock, front gate/fence, drive gravel, budget, JAC special events, sea weeds, Pontoon fees/drawing, bottle returns and new business. If there is not enough time, another meeting will be scheduled.

Thanks to all for your involvement and passion for these associations and the Park.

John C. Greko

Hamburg Township Aquatic Weed Control Program

As many of you know Hamburg Township established a Special Assessment District (SAD) to continue a weed control program for Strawberry, Zukey and Gallagher Lakes that was previously established and run by Washtenaw County. As of this year Washtenaw County is still running a weed control project for Portage, Base and Whitewood Lakes, and the Hamburg Township program for Strawberry, Zukey and Gallagher Lakes is active starting this year. 

Information concerning this weed control project can be found on the Hamburg Township website at:

To locate this information 

  • Click on the RESIDENT tab found near the top of the home page
  • Then click on Aquatic Weed Control SAD (left side of the page)
  • You will then see “What to expect under this program”
    • Treatment dates and location maps
    • Related Link regarding water and weather
    • Mechanical Harvesting link
    • Lots of other related information

Screenshot below:

2023 Pontoon Slip Drawing

The 2023 Pontoon Slip Drawing will be held on Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 at 7:00pm (sharp). Please arrive 15 minutes early for drawing registration. The drawing will be held at the Strawberry Park.

A donation of $350 is strongly recommended at the time of slip assignment. Checks can be written out to ‘Strawberry Lake Joint Parks Committee’.

The Pontoon Slip Drawing Rules can be read by following this link:

03/23/23 update:

2023 Slip assignments are as follows:

  1. Nelson, Frank & Cynthia
  2. Allen, Dave & Marge
  3. Garrity, Jason
  4. Musgrave, Trenton
  5. Gauthier, Larry & Irene
  6. Fett, Gary & Ruth
  7. Reese, Chuck & Rae
  8. Slothower, Josh
  9. Phillips, Gary & Marilyn
  10. Alex, Frank & Janice
  11. McManus, Bill & Lisa
  12. Flynn, David

Alternate #1 – Taylor, Don