2022 Pontoon Slip Drawing

Update: The Slip Assignments for 2022 are as follows:

  1. Slothower, Josh
  2. Greko, John & Nancy
  3. Phillips, Gary & Marilyn
  4. Gauthier, Larry & Irene
  5. Nelson, Frank & Cynthia
  6. Fett, Gary & Ruth
  7. Allen, Dave & Marge
  8. Taylor, Don
  9. Alex, Frank & Janice
  10. Garrity, Jason
  11. McManus, Bill & Lisa
  12. Flynn, David
  13. ALT 1: Ouillette, Joe
  14. ALT 2: Musgrave, Trenton

The 2022 Pontoon Slip Drawing will be held on Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 7:00pm (sharp). Please arrive 15 minutes early for drawing registration. The drawing will be held at the Strawberry Park and mask and social distancing are encouraged. A donation of $350 is strongly recommended at the time of slip assignment. The Pontoon Slip Drawing Rules can be read by following this link: https://strawberryhillestates.org/download/park_and_access_committee/pontoon_slip_drawing/PONTOON-SLIP-DRAWING-2021.V2.pdf

2020 Fall Park Cleanup – October 17th

Updated 10/15/20: Cleanup will begin at 11am on Saturday October 17th. Any volunteers who can come down and help are very much appreciated! We hope to see you there!

It’s that time of year again when the weather has changed and we all begin to pull our boats off the lake for winter storage. The JAC will be removing the swim raft and buoys as well as the boat launch dock on October 17th. Picnic tables will be stacked and the portable toilet is scheduled to be picked up for the year as well.

Please remove all items from the kayak/canoe rack as winter storage of personal property is not permitted at the park. All pontoon slips must remove their mooring poles and access docks from the park as those are personal property and not to be stored at the park.

Thank you for another great summer at our park access!

Pontoon Slip Drawing Registration

UPDATE: 4/28/2020
The Pontoon Drawing has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 12th @ 7pm via zoom meeting. Please register with Nancy so you will be added to the invite list to the meeting.

The JAC will be conducting the 2020 Pontoon Drawing via a virtual ZOOM meeting.  The date will be determined later.  If you intend on participating you must pre-register with the JAC ASAP.  Registrations will be accepted up to 24 hours before the drawing. Please email your JAC Vice President Nancy Greko (njgreko@gmail.com) as to your intent to participate or call at 810-772-0352.

Fall Clean-up at the Park – November 2nd @ 11:00am

The JAC will be hosting a Fall Clean-up at our park access to prepare the park for this winter. Items we are hoping to accomplish are as follows:

  1. Dock removal
  2. Picnic table stacking
  3. Moving park assets to the Porta-potty enclosure
  4. Leaf and stick removal

If you have pontoon boat in a slip or a boat/kayak/float-able on the boat rack please remove it asap. This year it is especially important to remove your belongings because a new seawall is in the works to be installed. During construction the shoreline needs to be fully accessable and the boat rack will be moved. Everything on it must be removed before shoreline repair can happen. This is what is currently on the rack.

Thank you!

Pontoon Removal Notice

It’s that time of year again where we begin the process of scheduling the removal, winterization and shrink wrapping our boats. Members of the community have reported that the earliest availability for these services is already pushing into mid October. If you have not already began this process, please do so asap!

It is extremely important this year that Pontoon slip owners at the park remove their boats and poles by October 31st. A new seawall installation contract is almost complete and cannot move forward until all Pontoons and poles are removed.

We look forward to the installation of the long overdue seawall and need cooperation from all the slip owners if we wish to keep this project on track for completion by next year.

Thank You!