2020 Cornhole Tournament – JAC Fundraiser

When: Saturday, Sept. 19th with a Rain Delay Sunday, Sept. 20th
Where: Strawberry Lake Park, 5333 Gallagher Blvd.
Who: Community Members and Family Members Only
Time: Starts at 11:00 – Completion of Tournament

Teams: Based on skill level (please be honest)

Registration by September 13th – Text Steve Scheuring at (734) 660-0304 with the following information (Of course we will accept late sign up but early registration will assist with set up!):

  • Name of Participant (please send a separate text with each participant)
  • Best guess of your bagger level based on the following guidelines
  • 1 Bagger – This player has limited to no experience with the game. There is little control over where the bag is going, and the bag often misses the board.
  • 2 Bagger – This player has a feel for the distance needed to toss the bag but is erratic in getting the bag to consistently hit and stay on the board. Typically, this level of player is in the beginning stages of developing a consistent throwing motion that can be repeated.
  • 3 Bagger – This player has started to develop some consistency when tossing the bag. They have a basic understanding of game strategy but have yet to master all the different types of throws including the airmail shot needed to excel and compete at the higher levels.
  • 4 Bagger – This player fully understands game strategy but may struggle with consistency. At times, this player looks like they can beat anyone, but then in a subsequent game (or frame) can struggle.
  • Premier – This player can and wants to compete against anyone. This player can execute sliding the bag and airmailing the bag as needed. Player fully understands game strategy and likely plays and practices on a regular basis.

Donation will be accepted at the park prior to the beginning of this fun filled event.

Side games will be available for additional donations.

Additional donations are welcome and encouraged!

Mid-Summer Park Courtesy Rules Reminder

As we approach the middle of the summer the JAC would like to ask our community members to take a minute to review the rules posted at the park.

We have volunteers helping to raise money for our park by returning cans from the returnables bin. Please do not place trash in the returnables bin. We have 2 large garbage bins that are in the picnic area. If the garbage bins are not in the picnic area they have been placed out at the road for pickup by park volunteers. Please bring your trash out to the bins and not thrown in the fireplace or the returnables bin.

Please be courteous of others when bringing animals to the park. Our priority rules currently state that there are: No unattended animals. No animals in the beach area. Please clean up after your pets. No animals Friday-Sunday or on Holidays.

Thank you and have a great summer!

Invasive Weed Treatment on Strawberry Lake – Thursday, June 18th

The Washtenaw County Public Works Division has been requested by lake communities in northern Washtenaw and southern Livingston Counties to undertake a lake management program to control invasive weeds. This project will provide improvements to the Chain of Lakes by controlling invasive and nuisance weeds through the application of herbicides to the water and mechanical weed harvesting.

Aquatic Services will be treating Strawberry Lake all day Thursday, June 18th. Please do not use the lake until Friday!

Strawberry Lake treatment map here:

More Information here:

Volunteers Needed!

Now that we can redeem our returnable cans and bottles, the JAC is looking for a/some volunteers to empty the returnables barrel at the park, redeem for cash and turn in to the JAC Treasurer. The barrel proved valuable additional revenue for the JAC’s many improvements and social gatherings. If you can help please contact Nancy Greko 810-772-0352 njgreko@gmail.com
Thanks to all!

Park Courtesy Rules

Now that the Park season is well underway, please refer to the Park Courtesy Rules posted both at the Park and on the website (http://www.strawberryhillestates.org/download/park_and_access_committee/Courtesy-Rules-for-Strawberry-Lake-Park-rev-042517-final.pdf).

  • No trash in the fire pit
  • Re-lock the chain when entering and exiting.  Hooking the chain is not re-locking.
  • Sand toys to be placed back in the toy box.

We do not have a cleaning service at the park, we all have to do our part and cleanup after ourselves.

Thank you and have a great summer.

Volunteers Needed! New Park Benches Ordered

Volunteers needed!

The JAC has purchased 3 new Park Benches to be installed along the shore of our Park. These will provide an opportunity to sit and view our beautiful lake and leave the picnic tables for families. They will arrive in approximately 3 weeks however we will need 3-4 strong volunteers to take them off the truck. The driver will not do this.

If you could help with this please notify:
Nancy Greko
JAC Vice President

Pontoon Slip Drawing Registration

UPDATE: 4/28/2020
The Pontoon Drawing has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 12th @ 7pm via zoom meeting. Please register with Nancy so you will be added to the invite list to the meeting.

The JAC will be conducting the 2020 Pontoon Drawing via a virtual ZOOM meeting.  The date will be determined later.  If you intend on participating you must pre-register with the JAC ASAP.  Registrations will be accepted up to 24 hours before the drawing. Please email your JAC Vice President Nancy Greko (njgreko@gmail.com) as to your intent to participate or call at 810-772-0352.