2023 Pontoon Slip Drawing

The 2023 Pontoon Slip Drawing will be held on Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 at 7:00pm (sharp). Please arrive 15 minutes early for drawing registration. The drawing will be held at the Strawberry Park.

A donation of $350 is strongly recommended at the time of slip assignment. Checks can be written out to ‘Strawberry Lake Joint Parks Committee’.

The Pontoon Slip Drawing Rules can be read by following this link: https://strawberryhillestates.org/download/park_and_access_committee/pontoon_slip_drawing/PONTOON-SLIP-DRAWING-2021.V2.pdf

03/23/23 update:

2023 Slip assignments are as follows:

  1. Nelson, Frank & Cynthia
  2. Allen, Dave & Marge
  3. Garrity, Jason
  4. Musgrave, Trenton
  5. Gauthier, Larry & Irene
  6. Fett, Gary & Ruth
  7. Reese, Chuck & Rae
  8. Slothower, Josh
  9. Phillips, Gary & Marilyn
  10. Alex, Frank & Janice
  11. McManus, Bill & Lisa
  12. Flynn, David

Alternate #1 – Taylor, Don

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